Frequently Asked Questions

What to Wear?

My suggestion is to do some research.  Your photographs are just that, yours. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Check out Pinterest or some online blogs to search the latest trends or to just get some ideas that may appeal to you.  

One thing to keep in mind...for example: If it is winter and you desire pictures in the snow, it would be best to not wear white. Just keep in mind the time of year, along with the setting, so as not to blend in with your surroundings too much.

If you have any concerns, please contact me and I'll be happy to help.

How Many Final Photos Will I Receive? 

This question has more factors than you probably would have expected. A hour long session can have anywhere from 15 to 30, or more, "finished images" from all the photographs taken during your session.

Let me explain why there is not a specific number guaranteed:

  • Weather & Location:

-A rainy day will typically produce fewer images than a sunny day...but a sunny day will produce less than a slightly overcast day -It is all about the natural light and how we can use it.

-If there are limited places to shoot at the location that was chosen, this will also produce less shots.

  • Control & Direction:

-Your photographer has an eye for what looks best in the background for your photographs and the best positions for you and your group to be in. Ideas are always welcomed, but keep in mind that areas you'd like to try may not always produce the best photographs and therefore not as many final images to choose from.

  • Children & Number of People:

-Children can be unpredictable and some may require more time to adjust to being photographed (nervous, not in the mood).

-A larger number of people can add to positioning time, settling-down time (children), and definitely more editing time; as we determine the best in a series where at least one person isn't blinking or making an "odd" expression or face so that everyone looks their best.

  • Quality not Quantity

-We are aiming for quality not necessarily quantity. The above plays a factor in how many images make the cut to final editing, but those final images are going to be fantastic!


When Will I Receive My Final Photos?

Everyone is anxious for their finished photographs, I mean, who wouldn't be?

A sneak peek of your session will be released approximately one to two weeks after your session. This will be a few finished photographs to give you a sample as to how things turned out.

 The timing on finalized photographs depends slightly on the type of session you booked. Mini Sessions will not take nearly as long as a Fairy Session, mainly because of  the extensive editing done on Fairy Session images. Larger groups also take longer to filter through and edit vs an individual or couple.

Typically all final photographs are completed three to four weeks after your session.  Please see specific session details under the Book Online option, in blue here, or on the menu tab above.